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Sunday for 17 May

8:12 Insight: Fiji and New Zealand

Insight this morning reports on what life is like in Fiji under Emergency Regulations and asks what implications the turmoil there has for New Zealand.

Written and presented by Philippa Tolley and Megan Whelan

Produced by Philippa Tolley

Philippe Legrain8:40 Feature interview: Bringing Home the Migrants

UK economist and writer Philippe Legrain (right) says cultural diversity fuels innovation and productivity and New Zealand is doing itself no favours with its points system for immigrants. He talks to Chris Laidlaw about the benefits of migrants to countries like ours.

Produced by Christine Cessford

9:05 Mediawatch

Last week's fatal police shooting in Napier was the biggest breaking news story of the year so far. But did the media do justice to that, and the armed siege which followed? In Mediawatch this week we'll ask an award-winning radio veteran about that, and he'll also tell us why he thinks the future of local radio is rosy. Also on the programme - a look at some recent headlines based on statistics that sounded scary, but didn't stack up on closer inspection.

Produced and presented by Colin Peacock and Jeremy Rose.

9:30 Feature interview: Forecasting the 21st Century

George Friedman is an expert in security and intelligence issues and he's written a book predicting world events during the 21st Century. He tells Chris Laidlaw about his forecasts - including a second Cold War, the emergence of Mexico as a world power, and the use of space for a new energy resource that will have huge implications for the Earth's environment.

Produced by Christine Cessford

10:06 The Sunday Group: Battleground in Pakistan

It's been reported that more than 360,000 people have fled the Swat valley in North Western Pakistan, where the army is pounding Taliban militants from the air. Army sources say the total number of people displaced by the conflict in the region is around 1.3 million. These refugees report many civilians have been killed in the bombing, and that the Taliban has mined routes out of the valley, forcing civilians to remain and act as human shields. Meanwhile, the US and other nations have promised billions of dollars to this troubled nuclear nation, recognizing it as the main threat to stability in the region. This week the Sunday Group looks at what's happening in Pakistan, what it means to regional and global security, and the pressures on the Government of Pakistan to conform with US strategic objectives.

Chris Laidlaw chairs a panel that includes:

Dr Michael McKinley, senior lecturer in international relations and strategy at the Australian National University.!DrMichaelMcKinley!_3142.aspx

Dr Samina Yasmeen, Director of the Centre for Muslim States and Societies and lecturer in political science and international relations at the University of Western Australia.

Sudha Ramachandran

Independent journalist and researcher, based in Bangalore.

Produced by Christine Cessford

10:40 Hidden Treasures

Each week Trevor Reekie takes you on a trip that seeks out musical gems from niche markets around the globe, the latest re-releases and interesting sounds from the shallow end of the bit stream. This week Trevor features some fine audio home-cooking from the menu of Nigerian musician Tony Allen, as well as a dash of Turkish delight.

Produced by Trevor Reekie

10:55 Feedback.

What the listeners have to say.

11:05 Ideas: Crime and Punishment

This week Ideas looks at crime, punishment and rehabilitation. In 1910, that old softie Winston Churchill had this to say about the need to rehabilitate criminals: "We cannot impose these serious penalties upon individuals unless we make a great effort and a new effort to rehabilitate men who have been in prison and secure their having a chance to resume their places in the ranks of honourable industry. The present system is not satisfactory." A century later the voices of those calling for tougher penalties and a harsher approach are drowning out anyone echoing Winston Churchill's concerns. Ideas producer Jeremy Rose talks to Chris Elisaia a man - who has spent half his adult life behind bars - and Waitakere District Court Judge Phil Recordon who has sentenced Elisaia to prison more than once. And Chris Laidlaw talks to Victoria University associate professor Michael Rowe about his research which shows some categories of violent crime are actually falling.

Presented by Chris Laidlaw

Produced by Jeremy Rose