13 Jan 2020

Legal questions raised over search of Dieuwe de Boer's house

From Summer Report, 7:21 am on 13 January 2020

Questions have been raised about how the police got information for a search warrant they carried out at the house of a right-wing blogger - and whether it was done so legally.

Armed police searched Dieuwe de Boer's house this week, on a suspicion he had a prohibited magazine for a firearm - which they did not find.

Mr de Boer had made a written submission to a parliamentary committee, including details about the magazine, which he republished on his blog.

If the Police used details from the submission to get a search warrant, they could be breaking the law - but they deny doing so.

To explain the legalities around it, University of Otago Law Professor Andrew Geddis.spoke to Leigh-Marama McLachlan.