18 Jan 2019

Plant based proteins and veganism's 'shift to the mainstream'

From Summer Report, 8:40 am on 18 January 2019

A new report published in the medical journal, The Lancet, says that in order to continue to sustain the global population the whole world needs to change what it eats and how food is grown - including as we hear a lot now - cutting red meat consumption. A Roy Morgan survey back in 2016 found that just over 10 percent of New Zealanders said they were vegetarian, and the Guardian reported last year that almost a third of Britons had stopped or reduced their meat intake.

Chris Bramwell popped down to one of Wellington's newest take-out joints - Plant Blazed - and spoke to the owners Scott McLeod and Simon Lyons about why they gave up eating and cooking animal products.

Simon says veganism has moved into the mainstream.