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07:25 Newspapers from the main centres

07:30 News features

07:45 Summer food and drink

Bernd Lippmann, executive chef at Te Papa cooks up his favourite summer dish.

Raspberry Marinated Lamb Loin

07:55 Place Names

Peter Dowling on the most interesting place name changes of the past year.

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08:25 Outspoken

Can we expect an economic recovery this year? We’re debating this on Outspoken tonight.

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08:35 Surfing

Doug Young on the best spots to surf in this year.

08:40 Maori Batallion

Andrew McRae has dinner with the surviving members of the Maori Batallion.

08:55 Summer Birds

This summer Lynn is monitoring a Little Spotted kiwi called Bryan who’s carrying an electronic tag as part of a three year research project by Helen Taylor. Lynn learns what’s involved with fellow volunteer, Judi Briggs.