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7:10 Holiday Exhibition

Photographer Tam Webster examines relationships between our everyday lives and recreation in his camping and caravanning exhibition Refuge in Anglesea.

7:40pm The New Rainbow Warrior

A new purpose boat for Greenpeace, once again called Rainbow Warrior, is on tour around New Zealand this and next month – with Bunny McDiarmid, executive director and original crew member of the first boat.

8 pm News and Weather

8:15 Adventures in Musicland: Disasteradio in China

Join Wellington synth-wiz Luke Rowell a.k.a. Disasteradio on his 13 date tour of China, from Shanghai to Chengdu, with a series of personal audio diaries.

8:45 Summer Sport: Ultimate

The growth of Ultimate Frisbee in New Zealand with NZ Open Team member Sherif Ibrahim.

9 pm News and Weather

9:06 Country Life

Memorable scenes, people and places in rural New Zealand.

10 pm News and Weather

10:17 Late Edition

A review of the leading news and the latest news from around the Pacific on Radio New Zealand International's Dateline Pacific.

10.35 Through Younger Eyes

11.06 Live: Topp Twins at the New Zealand International Arts Festival   

Beloved kiwi entertainers The Topp Twins have a better than 25-year career in original music and comedy. The fraternal duo - Jools Topp (guitar/vocals) and Lynda Topp (guitar/ vocals/mouth harp/percussion) are known for their chameleon-like morphing between characters, genres and genders, engaging the audience in thought and laughter along the way. Here they are captured by Radio New Zealand live on stage at the 2012 New Zealand International Arts Festival in Wellington.