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7:08 Peggy Seeger
American folk legend Peggy Seeger regales us with tales of her 70 years playing music.

Peggy Seeger

7:35 Nick Bollinger's 'Essential New Zealand Albums'
Episode 3 - Goldenhorse 'Riverhead'

8:06 Summer Jam - David Dallas

8:10 You, Me... Now!

An omnibus version of the second season of drama production You, Me... Now! episodes 50, 51 and 52.

8:40 Musical Chairs: The Secret Life of the Music Saw    

9:06 Country Life Best of 2011

10:17 Late Edition

10:30 Island Museum Visit
We pay a virtual visit to one of New Zealand's museums. Tonight, we're off to the Chatham Islands Museum with Bill Carter.

10:50 Scottish Dancing

11:04 Flying Nun Records: Anything Could Happen (Part 1 of 5)