6 Jan 2021

Bookmarks: Pip Adam

From Summer Times 2021/2022, 11:10 am on 6 January 2021

For Bookmarks today, we're talking to someone who writes books for a living and often joins us on Afternoons as our book critic.

Pip Adam also hosts the podcast Better off Read where she speaks to other authors about reading and writing.

Pip joins us in the Wellington studio to share some of her favourite songs, books, films and podcasts with us!

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Photo: Supplied / Ebony Lamb Photography

Pip's selections 

Hangsaman by Shirley Jackson

Material for workshops with Garth Greenwell, Alexander Chee and Jordy Rosenberg

The Food of the Gods and How it Came to Earth by H.G. Wells


Boys on Boys by Glass Vaults

Experiment IV by Kate Bush

Quicksand by Björk




The Assistant written and directed by Kitty Green

Survive the ‘80s 


Getting Better: A year in the life of a Māori medical student – RNZ

Party People – RNZ

Stranger than Fiction – Future Tense and Slate