7 Jan 2020

A Māori Phrase a Day- Kei te pai tō āhua

From Summer Times, 10:22 am on 7 January 2020

Three times a week, we'll check in with Hēmi Kelly, to learn some useful te reo Māori phrases you can use in your day-to-day life.

Hemi's a lecturer in Te Ara Poutama - the Faculty of Māori & Indigenous Development at Auckland University of Technology, and his book A Māori Phrase a Day: 365 Phrases to Kickstart Your Reo will be released on January 7.

Last time on the show we learned the phrase: Kei whea ngā kī?

Today's phrase: Kei te pai tō āhua.

Translation: You're looking good.

Hēmi Kelly

Hēmi Kelly Photo: Supplied/Hēmi Kelly

This is another dextrous one - used both to describe someone who's looking healthy and well, and also someone who you wouldn't mind getting to know a little better ;)

"The last time I used this I'd seen someone I hadn't seen in a while, they were looking really good, so I said kei te pai tō āhua - so you could be talking about the physical appearance, or someone's glow."

What if you're in the club and spot someone who you quite like the look of - can you saunter over with a cheeky wee kei te pai tō āhua?"

You sure can, says Hēmi - followed by a little wink!


Click the play button above to hear Hēmi pronounce this phrase and take you through any pronunciation nuances