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09.00 News and Weather

09.08 Shake leaves people feeling "edgy" 

A 5.1 quake jolted people awake across parts of the upper North Island this morning. The quake hit just before six and was centred near the small town of Te Aroha. No major damage has been reported. We checked in with Lana from Tauranga who said it was a strong shake and has left people on edge.

The 5.1 magnitude quake hit about 5km south of Te Aroha in the Waikato region at 5.39am on 4 January, 2022.

The 5.1 magnitude quake hit about 5km south of Te Aroha in the Waikato region at 5.39am on 4 January, 2022. Photo: GeoNet

09.10 New Year Resolutions

More than 80 percent of us set at least one New Year's resolution. What's the history of New Year's resolutions, why do we make them and why can they be so hard to keep? Anna speaks to clinical psychologist Sarb Johal to find out.


09.20 Surf Report - Piha

We're off to Piha on Auckland's west coast to check in with the surf and beach conditions from the watchtower with surf lifesaver Kyran Gillespie.


Photo: RNZ / Kim Baker Wilson

09.30 One million names in Braille

A Dunedin woman is celebrating World Braille Day by setting up shop at the top of her street and creating personalised Braille name cards for people who want them. Julie Woods lost her sight in her 30s. Since then she's embarked on a number of inspirational challenges as That Blind Woman and it's her dream to write one million names in Braille. World Braille Day marks the birthday of Louis Braille who invented the Braille writing system as a young man more than 200 years ago. Julie is a big fan and shares Braille's remarkable history.

Julie Woods' braille name cards

Photo: Julie Woods

09.40 Summer Reading

Relaxing with a good book is a real summer treat. Melissa Oliver from Unity Books in Wellington joins Anna with some recommendations, the summer's top page-turners and a few new releases coming up.

9912221 - young woman lying in hammock in a garden and reading a book. shallow dof. focus on a left shoulder

Photo: mihtiander/123RF

10.10 Rugby research promises safety gamechanger 

A group of Otago University researchers are about to release their initial findings from a ground-breaking study into the effects of head-knocks and concussion among rugby players at all levels of the game. They've analysed almost 40,000 on-field impact incidents and have made recommendations to World Rugby for rule changes which will make the game safer.

Photo: Photosport

10.30 Summer BBQing with Sharp Black Riki Kerekere

Riki Kerekere is a man who likes to sharpen up his knives and slap some meat on the BBQ. He's the captain of the Sharp Blacks - our national butcher team. He joins Anna to share some of his top summer BBQ tips.

Photo: Unsplash / Marek Mucha

10.45 Museum stop - The Kauri Museum Matakohe

About 90 minutes drive north of Auckland on the way to Dargaville, the Kauri Museum is Northland's largest undercover attraction. It houses the world's largest collection of kauri gum and kauri furniture and tells the history of the kauri industry in the north. Museum director Barbara Hilden joins Anna to talk about the museum and its collection.

The Kauri Museum at Matakohe

Photo: Kauri Museum

11.08 On the road with actor, comedian and teacher Karen O'Leary

Wellington-based actor, comedian and teacher Karen O'Leary takes us on today's summer roadtrip and plays her favourite summer tunes. Karen found fame as officer O'Leary in the cult classic What We Do in the Shadows and the wildly popular spin off series Wellington Paranormal. A trained early childhood teacher she loves performing and most recently dipped her toes in reality television as a contestant on Celebrity Treasure Island.

Photo: Frank Management

11.35 UB40's Robin Campbell on touring New Zealand

The British band UB40 first toured New Zealand in 1981 and are currently in the country performing a series of six concerts. Guitarist Robin Campbell has been there from the beginning, when what would become UB40, was rehearsing in a basement in Birmingham in the late 1970s. 

UB40 member Robin Campbell

UB40 member Robin Campbell Photo: Ellie Gibbons

Urban Jumble Daily Quiz 

We've come up with a daily quiz to test both your word and geographical skill. Every day we're giving you three words. Within each word are letters which spell out a New Zealand town or city. Each letter can only be used once. While some words may have more than one answer, the correct answer must be the town or city we're thinking of. So have a pen and paper and a map at hand and have a go. 

Words and solutions for January 4

Apprehension - Napier

Swahili - Waihi

Irritatingly - Granity