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12:16 The Ballet gets a new home

It's been described as a win-win - the Wellington City Council's multi million dollar investment in Wellington's Te Whaea Dance and Drama studios to accommodate the Royal New Zealand Ballet Company.  It's good news for the Capital itself, longer term, with more top quality dance studios available not just to the New Zealand School of Dance but to the community as a whole.  The Royal Ballet has to move out of its base for the past 20 years so the historic but earthquake-damaged St James Theatre can be strengthened.  Lynn Freeman talks to Frances Turner, Executive Director of the RNZB, and to Garry Trinder, Director of the New Zealand School of Dance, and asks why it's taken so long to find a temporary home for the company:

12:33 From frilly underwear to jewellery

Vintage women's underwear adorn the walls of the new Charles Brasch Studio in Dunedin, courtesy of the first artist to be invited there on a residency. The Caselberg Trust spent years raising the money, then building the studio, and chose local jeweller and artist Victoria McIntosh for the inaugural three month Residency. Victoria's jewellery's been shown throughout the country and in Munich - but she also works with found objects.  Lynn Freeman was curious to find the connection between antique knickers and jewellery.

12.45  Reinventing Eketahuna's museum

In this year's Museum Awards, Mokau Museum in North Taranaki won the Visitor Experience category - one of a number of successful regional museums to get a big makeover as part of the TV series Heritage RescueThe award is encouraging news for other rural museums being reinvented as part of the next series of the show.  Filming wrapped up recently at Eketahuna Museum.  Lynn Freeman talks to Eketahuna's Bridget Wellwood about the Musuem's 60 year history:

1:10 At The Movies


This week The Mummy, Rosalie Blum and Despite the falling snow

1:34 More than just a pretty frock

Lindsay Adler

Lindsay Adler Photo: supplied

Impossibly beautiful people wearing clothes only they can fit into... Even if you're not a fashion-obsessive, is there something fashion photography can offer - either as art, or some kind of window into a time and place? Former fashion photographers Annie Leibovitz and David Bailey proved it's not all about the frocks. Now New Yorker Lindsay Adler is one of the current generation of photographers who believes her craft has value outside the fashion world.

Lynn Freeman talked to Lindsay, currently in Wellington to address the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photographers conference, and while she's here, to photograph some World of Wearable Art outfits.

1:48  Sergeant Pepper's Kiwi rivals

The Fourmyula

The Fourmyula Photo: supplied

It's been 50 years since the release of one of the most famous albums ever - the Beatles' Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.  So what was its effect in New Zealand?  Audio Culture's Chris Bourke tells Simon Morris it led to a revolution, in turning the recording studio into a musical instrument in its own right.  With concept albums from the  Fourmyula and the La De Dahs, a concept EP from Tom Thumb, and a concept single from Shane!


2:06 The Laugh Track - Lloyd Langford

Lloyd Langford

Lloyd Langford Photo: supplied

Welsh comedian Lloyd Langford offers comedians from around the British Isles - Irishwoman Eleanor Tiernan, Welshman Barry Welsh, Englishman Miles Jupp, and Laurel and Hardy's Scottish straight-man, James Finalyson.

2:25 Spain's favourite Kiwi artist

Angus Collis

Angus Collis Photo: supplied

10 years ago Kiwi artist Angus Collis left home to try his luck as a full time artist in Spain. The Otago Polytechnic graduate's work is on show at a Barcelona gallery and he's had exhibitions in Madrid as well as Paris.  At the moment though he's back home, showing work at Dunedin's Artist's Room Gallery. But even though he's been in Barcelona for a decade now, his paintings are still are mostly about New Zealand. Lynn Freeman asked Angus about  his first impressions of Spain when he moved there to be with his partner:

2:37  Crime and punishment in Christchurch

No caption

Photo: supplied

Mark McGinn

Mark McGinn Photo: supplied

Christchurch crime writer Mark McGinn cashes in on his many years observing lawers and judges in action, in his fourth novel, Presumed Guilty. It's the latest in a series about the personal and professional life of  Q.C.Stasha Stace.  In Presumed Guilty, the editor of an investigative magazine is charged with murdering his journalist wife. His ex, Stasha, is persuaded to defend him.  Lynn Freeman talks to Mark McGinn about what a high-flying lawyer brings to the crime novel genre.

Presumed Guilty by Mark McGinn is out on the Merlot Publishing label.

2:49 A legacy of war, romance...  and rugby

Carole Brungar

Carole Brungar Photo: supplied

No caption

Photo: supplied

An All Black star leaves behind his fairytale life, including the woman he loves, to do his bit in the Vietnam War. But he's unprepared for what he is about to experience there -  from the decimated villages and the constant fear of attack, to his growing respect for the people of Vietnam.

This is the setting for Levin based Carole Brungar's book, The Nam Legacy. As Lynn Freeman discovers, the novel is quite a change from her usual genre of romantic writing.

3:06 Drama at 3 - Part 2 of Sons by Victor Rodger

3.52 Midwinter Lanterns in Dunedin

Midwinter carnival

Midwinter carnival Photo: supplied

Lantern makers in Dunedin have taken the art-form to a whole new level. It's the tenth year of the city's popular Midwinter Carnival, where themed lanterns are several metres long.  Lynn Freeman talks to lead creatives  Hannah Johnston - Head of Props and Costumes - and Giant Lantern artist Katrina Thomson.  

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