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A Heart and Soul Documentary from the BBC World Service

Can Muslims talk openly about sex? The Muslim Sex Doctor captures counselling sessions between an Imam in the north of England working as a sex therapist, and his clients, offering a unique insight into a world which for the majority of Muslims in the UK is not explored at all.

Mobeen Azhar follows Imam Alyas Karmani to discover what issues affect the community and how he is attempting to alter the way in which sex problems are discussed and remedied. He is based in the city of Bradford, one of the most multi-cultural parts of the UK with almost a quarter of the people who live there Muslim.

Imam Karmani is also Psychologist and is a man on a mission. He offers a bespoke service dealing with everything from masturbation to the Islamic stance on S and M and discovering the 'joy of Muslim sex'. Through Imam Alyas's counselling Mobeen is given a valuable insight into a community that just doesn't talk about sex. He will unpack the impact of unspoken desire and through this, develops a whole new understanding of the unspoken lives of the Muslim community in modern Britain.