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In this first of a two-part programme, Mike Gourley profiles the Lutheran tradition, its founding principles and practice.  Our guest this week is Jim Pietsch, pastor at St. Paul’s Lutheran church in the Wellington suburb of Mt Cook. Jim talks about the efforts of the independently-minded German monk, Martin Luther, which first led to the Reformation, and in its turn gave rise to the establishment of the Protestant denominations, more widely.

Masaaki Suzuki and Lutheran pastor Jim Pietsch

Masaaki Suzuki and the Bach Collegium Japan are welcomed to St Paul's. Photos courtesy Andrew Bredenkamp.

Left: Bach Collegium Japan with St. Paul's Lutheran pastor, Jim Pietsch
Middle: NZ Lutheran Bishop, Mark Whitfield, in conversation with Bach Collegium Japan founding director, Masaaki Suzuki
Right: NZ Lutheran Bishop, Mark Whitfield, with Masaaki Suzuki