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Faith, food and fashion – shining a light on Diwali

Ella Kumar with a traditional dress worn during DiwaliThis weekend, tens of thousands of Aucklanders will visit the annual Diwali festivities held in the central city.  Established over ten years ago, the event provides an early chance to celebrate what is perhaps the most important and ancient of the Hindu festivals. Popularly known as the ‘festival of lights’, Diwali stretches over five days and this year falls in early November. It’s a time for families to light small lamps around their homes to brighten what was traditionally the darkest night of the year, as well as exchange gifts of food and jewellery. To gain a deeper insight into Diwali, Spoken Features producer Lisa Thompson spent the afternoon with Mt Roskill community leader Ella Kumar, who provides a look at the festival through faith, food and fashion.

Right - Ella Kumar with a traditional dress worn during Diwali, below - dress detail

Sari fabric at Roop Darshan s