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The connections between art and theology go back to the earliest known eras of human history and have produced some of the world’s greatest masterpieces; be it through sculpture, song, painting or prose. And the idea of pursuing theology through art was at the heart of a recent three-day residential hui. Hosted by the Anglican Women’s Studies Centre of Aotearoa, participants were invited to explore how the Bible stories of Lydia of Thyatira and other biblical women could be woven into their own masterpieces.  

Lisa Thompson was invited to attend one day of the hui at Long Bay, north of Auckland. But before joining the 'siapo', or weaving workshop, she asked the Archdeacon of Auckland, The Venerable Carole Hughes, to explain the origin of the Anglican Women’s Studies Centre.

Weaving hui
The Reverend Amy Chambers at the helm of the overlocker; One of the creations from the Raranga or weaving class.

One of the creations from the Siapo or weaving class.