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What does it take to become a preacher?

South African-raised Paul Curwen calls himself a seeker... or at least thats what he was. He claims that there was always something missing in his life and he was desperate to fill that void. No spiritual practice, philosophy or religion that he read about seemed to fit the bill, until eventually Christianity found him and he's never looked back. What's more surprising is that this man who had never spoken in a public arena, now has the confidence to speak and tell personal life stories in front of no less than a hundred people at Gateway Christian Fellowship. Sonia Sly finds out more...

Paul Curwen delivers a sermon at Gateway Christian FellowshipPaul Curwen relaxing back in his hometown of South Africa

Left: Paul Curwen delivering a sermon at Gateway Christian Fellowship. Right: Paul relaxing in Dikhololo just outside of Pretoria in South Africa.

Paul Curwen gets back to nature in his hometown
Paul at Mabalingwe Nature Reserve in Bela Bela, South Africa.