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Jide Macaulay was born into a devout Pentecostal Christian family in Lagos, Nigeria. His father is a well-known theologian.

As a child, Jide loved church more than playing with his friends.  But around the age of 11, he began to become aware that he was different from other boys.  Much to his horror, he realized that he was gay.

In conversation with Michael Ford, Jide recalls the inner conflicts he went through as a teenager and a young man, in a country where it's almost inconceivable that anyone can be both a committed Christian and homosexual.  We hear how he learnt to embrace his orientation after a failed marriage.  Leaving behind the deep shame he had felt, he founded a church for gay and lesbian people in Lagos: the House of Rainbow. Driven out of the country by death threats, Jide now continues his ministry to African gay and lesbian Christians from his home in London, through a vibrant "virtual" church.

He has become a well-known voice in Africa and beyond. (Part 3 of 3, BBC)

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