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Why am I here? And what is my purpose in this life?

These are common questions, and whilst some seek out reassurance and answers through various forms of spiritual practice or religion, others may find some solace in regressing.

Past Life Regression practitioner Bert Esser sees life and death very clearly and believes that each of us has a special and individual lesson to learn in this life time. These lessons are connected to the obstacles and difficulties we may not have confronted before we passed over in our former lives. He believes that its possible to revisit that unfinished business, and therefore resolve current issues, freeing us from situations and habits that bind us in our daily lives.

Sonia Sly investigates the practice and also meets Richard Holmes who takes her back to visit one of her former lives, and what she discovers is completely unexpected.

Past Life Regression practitioner Richard Holmes
Past Life Regression practitioner Richard Holmes.