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8:08 Today in New Zealand History

A Literary Marriage, 21 June 1865. Lady Barker and Frederick Broome. 4'34"

8:14 Artist: The Song Spinners

(solos Neil Colquhoun, Arthur Weller, John Godden and Jack Murphy)

Song: Trade of the Kauri Gum
Composer: White
Label: Kiwi EA 58 3'29"

The words are a poem written by Samuel White which appeared in the Bulletin in 1896. It was recited widely in Northland in those days. The Song Spinners recorded several collections of New Zealand folk music in the 1960s.

Dick - when get started in gum

8:19 The Kauri Gum Industry in Northland

Selwyn Muru interviews son and father Dick Jurlina and Clem Jurlina at their gum store at Sweetwater in Northland. Recorded about 1970, they talk about the gum industry and the good relations between the Yugoslav gum diggers and Maori. Clem says many older diggers spoke Maori fluently and many Maori picked up the Yugoslav language also. Part One

Artist: Sons of the Gumdiggers
Song: Kolo
Composer: Trad
Album: Kolo
Label: Kiwi EA 170 10'07

8:31 The Yates Garden Guide - 120 years old

In a 1999 interview Yates New Zealand Limited managing director, Michael Skeggs, talks about the success of the Yates Garden Guide book, which was first published in

1895. He explains how the company knows when the millionth copy will be

Sold, and talks about the celebration of that fact. Kim Hill introduces the item. 4'08"

1998 Acquisition of Watkins New Zealand Ltd

2001 Scheme of Arrangement with Norgard Clohessy Equity Limited. NCE changed its name to Yates Limited.

2002 Transferred to purpose-built property in Neilson, St Onehunga

2003 Sale of Yates Vegetable Seeds

2003 Yates Limited sold Yates Australia & New Zealand to Orica Australia Pty Ltd

8:35 Artist: Suzanne Prentice

Song: The White Cliffs of Dover
Composer: Burton/Kent (1941)
Album: Memories are Made of This
Label: Manuka 2'42"

8:41 The Crystal Ball News Bulletin

From 1992 a spoof news bulletin written and read by Hewitt Humphrey in which he gives the news of the day as it might be in 2021. 4'08"

8:46 Artist: Rim D Paul and the Quin Tikis

Song: That Lucky Old Sun
Album: The Glamour
Label: Zodiac Hertage Vol 10 3'07"

8:51 War Report 41 21 June 2015

Newspaper reports of the first Lyttelton boy to be killed in action (59 more would follow during the rest of the war); Ernest Harston and Jim Meek complain about the food at Gallipoli while Jerry Duffull bemoans the lack of sleep there. Bank of New Zealand chairman Harold Beauchamp is reported as urging young bank staff to join up.

Artist: John McCormack
Song: There's a Long Long Trail A Winding
Composer: King/Elliott
Album: Oh, It's a Lovely War Vol 2
Label: CD41 486309

Artist: John McCormack
Song: Keep the Home Fires Burning
Album: Oh, It's a Lovely War Vol 1
Label: CD41 486286

8:57 Artist: Radio New Zealand Studio Orchestra

Song: I'll Put You Together Again
Composer: Black/Steven
Album: Orchestral Gold Vol 2
Label: Tartar TRL 005

9:07 As I Remember

The Jet Boat marathon on the 1970s by Allan Smith of Christchurch. Read by Duncan Smith. 3'41"

9:12 Artist: Ana Hato

Song: Home Sweet Home
Composer: Bishop/Payne
Album: Ana Hato
Label: Kiwi Pacific CD SLC 242 3'40"

Recorded at the opening of 1YZ Rotorua in April 1949.

9:16 Artist: The Beatles

Song: She Loves You
Composer: Lennon/McCartney
Album: The Beatles 1
Label: Parlophone 2'30"

9:19 Peter Sellers (who turned 94 last week) talks to fencer Brian Pickworth in 1969

Brian Pickworth was a one-armed Olympic fencer. He talks about how he got in fencing; sports he played at school - rugby and boxing. When he lost his arm he found fencing was similar to boxing in the footwork. He takes all of his sports seriously. He is proficient in all three weapons; he started with foil and progressed to the other weapons later. He won a Master of Arms trophy which is awarded to the most proficient in all weapons. 6:25

Pickworth competed individually and in teams in the sabre, épée and foil at the 1958, 1962, 1966, and 1970 Commonwealth Games. He competed at the 1960 Summer Olympics in all three disciplines.

9:26 Artist: The Hi Brows

Song: Two Timin' Lover
Composer: Galsner/Solomon
Album: For the Glamour
Label; Zodiac 1963 1'46"

9:29 Writer Dan Davin talks about his life in conversation with James McNeish.

Part 2 13'39"

This is the second part of the interview, the first having been broadcast in May.

9:42 Artist: Paul Lestre Group Paul Lestre, violin, sax, clarinet), Lyall Laurent (piano), Bob Ofsoki (bass) and Ray Gunter (guitar).

Song: Lullaby of Birdland
Composer: Shearing
Album: A Nite at the Hi Diddle Griddle
Label; Stebbing 1003 CD Recorded 1959 3'02"

From Chris Bourke' "Blue Smoke'

The Hi Diddle Griddle was once considered Auckland's "plushest nightclub". Opened in 1952, it introduced an alternative for cosmopolitan adults: a restaurant with live music. The owner was a man-about-town called Jim Jennings who had an obscure background: some thought he was an American expatriate, a South Pacific beachcomber who had 'washed ashore' after the war. Billy Farnell was certain he was from Tauranga. But he knew how to set up a room with class. Situated at 507 ('food from heaven') Karangahape Road, hospitality pioneer Otto Groen could be seen cooking in the window; chicken-in-a-basket made a change from colonial goose. On the dimly lit walls inside were black velvet murals of Polynesian maidens and a mythical Pacific, painted by Kristen Zambucka. The Hi Diddle Griddle had no dance floor and a tiny stage that showcased small combos led by Lew Campbell, Crombie Murdoch and Nancy Harrie. It would open late, and close even later - sometimes 4.00 am - and visiting musicians such as Nat King Cole might drop in. Late in the 1950s, Paul Lestre - a reed player and violinist from the East End of London - began a residency that led to the 1959 album A Night at the Hi Diddle Griddle, with pianist Lyall Laurent, bassist Bob Ofsoski and the city's leading jazz guitarist, Ray Gunter. The Hi Diddle Griddle inspired many other venues offering food garnished with music.

9:46 Book of the Week

Hocken, Prince of Collectors by Donald Jackson Kerr
Otago University Press
ISDN 9781877578663

Donald Kerr discusses his biography of Dr Thomas Hocken one of New Zealand's great book collectors. 14'00"

9:59 Artist: Radio New Zealand Studio Orchestra

Song: You Needed Me
Composer: Goodrum
Album: Orchestral Gold Vol 2
Label: Tartar TRL 005