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8:11 Today in New Zealand History – 16 March 1917 1’35”

The 26-year-old, New Zealand-crewed HMS Philomel arrived in Wellington after a Bombay survey revealed the need for extensive repairs. Her armament was removed and she became a depot ship at Thorndon. She was later a training ship in Auckland and in 1949 was scuttled off Cuvier Island after her timbers were used to build a motor ship, the Coromel. Peter McGovern recalls serving on the Philomel in 1897. He talks about involvement in the Benin War [1897] and receiving a decoration from Queen Victoria for saving a man's life after he fell overboard.                          

8:17 Song: Waiting for the Robert E Lee 2’59”

Artist: Gil Dech and his Syncopators
Composer: Gilbert/Muir
Album: 78
Label: Regal Zonophone G 21496                   

Recorded in Sydney late 1920s before Dech settled in New Zealand. In March 1936, at the conclusion of an eight-month tour of New Zealand with Gladys Moncrieff, Dech resigned from Columbia and accepted employment with the New Zealand Broadcasting Board as musical supervisor and conductor of the 4YA concert orchestra in Dunedin.

8:23 Homework – Mystery voice and question

In 1920 which was New Zealand’s fifth largest town: Hamilton, Wanganui or Invercargill?
8:26 Ernie Abbott's funeral service 27 March 1984 5’24”

In 1984 Ernie Abbott, caretaker of the Trades Hall in Wellington, died when a bomb exploded in the building. The culprit was never found. This is a report on Abbott’s funeral service on 27 March 1984. Speakers include Jim Knox, Jim Milne, Anne Marie Quinn reports from the Town hall funeral.            

8:35 Song: Land of the Long White Cloud 3’05”

Artist: Amorangi Boys of Rotorua
Composer: Freedman
Album: n/s
Label: Kiwi EA 27                            

8:40 Plastic surgeon 1903–1988 17’48”

Surgeon Dr Cecily Pickerill reminisces about her life and times in conversation with Adrienne Smith.

9:06 As I Remember 2’41”

Lyttelton Tunnel by Les Dew

9:12 Song: Be My Little Baby Bumble Bee  2’01"

Artist: Jean McPherson and the Garth Young Trio
Composer: Murphy/Marshall
Album: Kiwi Nostalgia
Label: BMG  74321 392832  

9:16 Homework – Mystery voice and question

In 1920 which was New Zealand’s fifth largest town: Hamilton, Wanganui or Invercargill?

9:18 A report on a sports day held by New Zealand troops in the Pacific in 1943 4’07”

9:24 Song: Becalmed at the Bluff 4’09”

Artist: Phil Garland
Composer: Skerrett/Garland
Album: Southern Odyssey
Label: Kiwi SLC 265                                

From poem by Maurice Skerrett about legendary whaler Paddy Gilroy    

9:30 Bookshelf: Moments in Time – Ralph Miller – Artist
By Brian Miller
Lifelogs ISBN 978 0 9922457 0 2    23
Introduction by the Bandmaster Lieutenant Louis Fox.
Recorded 16 Sep 1943

9:55 Song: The Girl I Left Behind Me 2’15

Artist: Black Dyke Mills Band
Composer: Trad
Album: Traditionally British
Label: Chandos Chan 6515