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8:10 Today in New Zealand History

13 March 1839 - the first bees in New Zealand.

8:17 The Theme From Limelight (Chaplin) 1953

Ron Goodwin and his Orchestra CD

8:22 A Headstone for Great Grand Father

Richard Yates talks about his journey from London for the family reunion to mark the erection of a head stone for his forebear, Henry Nation, who was once Mayor of Parnell.

8:38 Dollars and Sense (Derrett)

Rod Derrett 45 HMV 7EGM 6093

Rod Derrett's died on the 20th December, 2010 aged 80 after a two-year battle with cancer. After leaving NZ in 1974 Rod relocated to Sydney where he taught music until his retirement.

8:45 King Edward VIII

The suggestion that he had acquired an American accent is examined by listening to some of soe of his speeches.

9:07 As I Remember - My Street by Rosalie Sneyd

From Ribbons in My Hair.

9:18 Bookshelf:

Playing Against the Wind by Neville Martin
Published by Ngaio Press
ISBN 978 0 9864685 0 6

9:20 Tuapeka Gold (Garland)

Dave Calder LP Kiwi SLP 101

Dougal Stevenson reads from the novel Tom Hungerford by William Baldwin a description of Gabriel Read's discovery of gold near Lawrence in 1861.

9:35 Gabriel Read (Lusby)

Roger Lusby and Amiria Grenell Private CD 3'22"

9:40 Japanese planes over Auckand and Wellington in 1942

News released 18 August 1945, Evening Post items.

9:44 Keep Right on to the End of the Road (Lauder)

Harry Lauder CD Acrobat ACRCD 170

9:47 Whaleboat to Gisborne.

On 27 August 1958 a whaleboat, donated to the Gisborne Museum by Te Whanau a Apanui iwi, was transported from Te Kaha in the eastern Bay of Plenty by HMNZS Endeavour to Gisborne.