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Sounds Historical for 19 April, 2009

08:09 Today in New Zealand History

1893 the Crown bought the Cheviot Estate in North Canterbury.

08:16 Whites Hotel (Garland)

Phil Garland
CD Kiwi SLC 261

08:21 The Story of the Cheviot Station

By Douglas Cresswell

08:36 Homework

Tell us about your favourite moment in New Zealand history in about thirty words.

08:37 That's Life by Douglas Coop

Read by Richard Scott. Part Three. - Europe's Biggest Bang.

08:43 The White Rabbit (Ivory)

Peter Posa
CD EMI 532 953

08:45 From The Back Country

Bernie Cheyne and his deer hound in the 1940s.

08:58 The Interview

Hartley Gabolinsky

09:08 As I Remember

Whitebaiting by Roy Walker. Read by Gavin McGinley.

09:12 Black Matai (Cape)

Graham Wilson LP City Folk CFR003

09:16 Homework

Tell us about your favorite moment in New Zealand history in about thirty words.

09:21 Devotion (Listz)

Ricard Farrell 45 Pye CEC 32011

09:29 As I Remember

H R Richmond (then 85 years old) speaks at the opening of the historical Richmond Cottage in New Plymouth in 1964.

09:39 Before Anzac, After the Armistice

Keith Scott
Activity Press
ISBN 9780958263450

09:57 Judy

Hartley Gabolinsky