31 Oct 2020

Song Crush: Arlo Parks, Lontalius, Erica De Casier

From Song Crush, 3:30 pm on 31 October 2020

Tony is joined by Worlds of Music host Trevor Reekie, and RNZ reporter Eva Corlett, to bring you six brand new tunes.

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Arlo Parks – Green Eyes

Trevor: "It's a similar sentiment to her prior single 'Hurt', but writing songs about being hurt in love has been going on for centuries. If this is the sound of the cutting edge of the UK right now, coming out of a summer of discontent, then that's not too bad."

Adrianne Lenker - Dragon Eyes

Eva: "I heard the first twenty seconds or so and haven't been able to stop listening to it since. I love the song so much. I'm a fan of her band Big Thief, and it's nice to have this song of hers that feels so intimate, and feels like a meditation, it holds such a beautiful delicate tension."

Lontalius – Faint

Tony: "My impression is that he's back in his comfort zone, and I think these are the best songs he's written. I don't feel him trying to make this amazing pop song, he just seems to be doing what comes naturally".

Vanessa Worm - Bones and Blood

Eva: "I have such a physical experience with this song. It's such a spectral gothic tune, and has this beat like a racing heart. The immediate image it gave me was someone dancing with their shadow in the nightclub of the underworld."

Erika de Casier - No Butterflies, No Nothing

Tony: "It's quite twee, and quite European. She described the video as being influenced by Sense and Sensibility, and I get that vibe from the song as well. And yet, her delivery and some of the instrumentation and programming is very modern and RnB influenced."

Darren Watson - Ernie Abbott

Trevor: "It's the sort of song we need. Because I'd never heard of the Trade Hall bombing until I heard this song. It's beautifully performed, and recorded live basically. I think Darren puts it across really well, and the line 'Somebody's got to know who put Ernie Abbot's soul in God's hands' is just genius.' 

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