12 Sep 2020

Song Crush: The Phoenix Foundation, Estère, Lontalius

From Song Crush, 3:30 pm on 12 September 2020

Tony Stamp is joined by the host of Inside Out Nick Tipping and social media journalist Jogai Bhatt to bring you six brand new tunes.

This audio is not downloadable due to copyright restrictions.

The Phoenix Foundation – Landline

Tony: “It ping-pongs between two things - Phoenix Foundation-y verses where it’s quite dreamy and lovely, and then the hook is just doubling down on silliness.”

Throwing Muses - Bywater

Tony: “Kristen Hersh is 54 now, but she’s always sounded like this. She has that really rasping, rugged voice like she’s squeezing out every word.”

Estere – Calculated Risk

Jogai: “Her voice is pretty angelic, but it still has that depth. It’s soulful. Not sure about this track though - maybe I’m used to the synthesiser and sampler, and that low-key bedroom funk that she’s known for.” 

Giveon - Heartbreak Anniversary 

Jogai: “He has such a rich baritone voice, and has beautiful voice control. It’s about missing somebody, and the days you specifically feel their absence.”

Lontalius – Someone Will Be There For You

Nick: “The key for me to the song's effect, other than the vocals and lyrics, is those production touches, like that high guitar effect, and the stadium reverb, that really make it bigger than just an acoustic instrument vibe.”

Paul Kelly & Paul Grabowsky - Please Leave Your Light On

Nick: "Paul Kelly is sixty five, and here he is doing a solo vocal album with piano. It’s all about the vulnerability in the vocals. Often he’s shrouded in guitars, but here he’s completely exposed”. 

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