22 Aug 2020

Song Crush: Gareth Thomas, Jamila Woods, Bon Iver

From Song Crush, 3:30 pm on 22 August 2020

RNZ Music's Tony Stamp is joined by fellow RNZ staffers Yadana Saw and Elliott Childs to bring you six brand new tunes.

This audio is not downloadable due to copyright restrictions.

1. Gareth Thomas - 'My Dog'

Elliott: "It's off-kilter, like most of Goodshirt's stuff is, and most of Gareth Thomas' solo stuff as well. It's really weirdly enjoyable. There's a strange kind of knowing grin to it. It's like 'yeah we know this is all a bit weird and a bit tongue in cheek''.

2. Jamila Woods - 'SULA (paperback)'

Tony: "I love the way she flutters up to that higher register in the chorus. It's just her and guitarist Justin Canavan, but for something so minimal it's a really rewarding track".

3. Laura Veirs - 'Burn Too Bright'

Elliott: "She was part of a secret poetry group while writing the new album. A lot of the poems that she wrote turned into this record, and it became very clear I think while she was re-examining the material that her songs knew she was getting divorced before she did."

4. Bon Iver - 'AUATC (Ate Up All Their Cake)'

Yadana: "I feel like I'm waking up in an imaginary late-seventies America driving through the prairie at the wrong speed, with the sun a golden glow, in a station wagon with wood panels, with a bottle of rye whiskey - and I don't like it."

5. Eddie Chacon - 'Trouble'

Yadana: "Let me guess, you were wondering what happened to Charles and Eddie from the hit nineties song 'Would I Lie To You'. Well this is Eddie. He's back."

6. Whitney - 'Strange Overtones'

Tony: "It's a cover of a Brian Eno and David Byrne track which I really love. I was pleasantly surprised that these guys pulled off a reasonably faithful cover, with a more acoustic style. Julien Ehrlich's falsetto vocal works really well as a comparison to David Byrne's original."

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