13 Jul 2019

Song Crush 25: Elle Fanning, Daphni, Repulsive Woman

From Song Crush, 1:00 pm on 13 July 2019

In this Song Crush we dabble in disco, flirt with funk, and indulge in some capital 'P' pop. Tony Stamp hosts, along with 95bFM programmer Sarah Thomson and RNZ Worlds Of Music presenter Trevor Reekie.

Ezra Collective – Sao Paulo

Led by drummer Femi Koleoso (who helms the kit for Jorja Smith when she tours), this UK jazz outfit dip their toes in various genres throughout their debut You Can’t Steal My Joy, here settling into a pleasingly brassy Cuban groove. TS

Cory Wong – Limited World

New York born guitarist Cory Wong is a motivated rhythm guitarist who is always playing. Raised in Minneapolis, Cory started out as a bass player but switched to guitar and developed a rhythmic style influenced by Prince, Nile Rodgers and Al McKay from Earth Wind & Fire playing recording sessions and in a number of house bands playing RnB in Minneapolis.

Cory now divides his time with the successful band Vulfpeck as well his own bands playing a combination of cool jazz and funk in America and the UK. His reputation continues to flourish as is evident by his new single Limited World featuring vocalist Caleb Hawley. Cory Wong is worth keeping an eye on. TR

Daphni - Sizzling feat. Paradise

Canadian electronic musician and doctor of mathematics Dan Snaith has performed under three key monikers: the early 'Manitoba'; the Polaris Music Prize winning 'Caribou'; and 'Daphni', Snaith's alias for his "dancefloor ready music".

Released in late June, at the start of Snaith's European summer festival circuit, 'Sizzling' is a five-and-a-half minute DJ edit of intense sparkling percussion, brass stabs and earworm vocals courtesy of recently excavated 1981 private press funk track 'Sizzlin Hot' by Bermudian group Paradise. Reworked and released with Paradise's blessing, Snaith's version is relentless, infectious and, above all, overwhelmingly joyous. ST

Elle Fanning – Wildflowers

Taken from the soundtrack to upcoming film Teen Spirit, which charts a young hopeful's trajectory through a UK Pop Idol-type singing competition, 'Wildflowers' sees lead actress Elle Fanning step up to the mic. Written by Lorde producer Jack Antonoff and pop superstar Carly Rae Jepsen, it's an anthemic blast of youthful abandon, a thoroughly wholesome pop song that’s a great fit for Fanning’s vocal chops. TS

Repulsive Woman - When I Get Good

The solo project of Dunedin's Millie Lovelock (one-half of Astro Children, one-third of Trick Mammoth), Repulsive Woman's album Relief spent a few years in the can before its recent release. Album track 'When I Get Good' was the second song Lovelock ever wrote for the project, one week out from handing in her MA thesis on One Direction, fandom and identity. As if Rid of Me-era PJ Harvey chose haunting string arrangements and James Joyce anecdotes instead of Steve Albini, this track illustrates Lovelock's ability to straddle anxiety, strength, wit and doubt all at the same achingly relatable time. ST

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