26 Jun 2020

After the virus - Episode Five

From Smart Talk, 7:06 am on 26 June 2020
Philippe Legrain, Simon Mair, John Key

Philippe Legrain, Simon Mair, John Key Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Youtube

‘After the Virus’ is a six-part podcast and video series exploring how the Covid-19 pandemic will change the world in the long term. Guyon Espiner talks each time to a group of experts who explore the effect of the coronavirus on the economy, work, politics, and society round the globe.

In this episode, the economy is in the spotlight – especially the question of whether our aim should be to recreate how we live and conduct our lives, or use this moment to embed change.

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About the participants

John Key

Sir John Phillip Key is a former politician who served as the 38th Prime Minister of New Zealand from 2008 to 2016 and as leader of the New Zealand National Party from 2006 to 2016. After resigning from both posts in December 2016 and leaving politics, he was appointed to board of director and chairmanship roles in New Zealand corporations. (Wikipedia)

Philippe Legrain

Philippe Legrain is a British political economist and writer. He specializes in global and European economic issues, notably globalisation, migration, the post-crisis world and the Euro. A visiting senior fellow at the London School of Economics' European Institute, he is a former adviser to European Commission president José Manuel Barroso from 2011 to 2014. (Wikipedia)

Simon Mair

Simon Mair is an ecological economist, trying to understand the current economy in order to build a better one. Simon’s research interests include the history of economic thought, utopian economics, and various kinds of models. He is currently working the ways labour and capital have been conceptualised in different theories of production, and exploring the economic potential of utopian fiction.

Mair holds a PhD in Ecological Economics from the University of Surrey (UK), an MA in Environmental Management and a BSc in Environmental Science both from the University of Lancaster (UK). He is currently UK country contact for the European Society for Ecological Economics.

Produced by Justin Gregory, Guyon Espiner, Claire Eastham-Farrelly, Tim Watkin and Veronica Schmidt.