19 Jun 2020

After the Virus - Episode Four

From Smart Talk, 7:05 am on 19 June 2020
David Nabarro, Helen Clark, Papaarangi Reid

David Nabarro, Helen Clark, Papaarangi Reid Photo: Wikimedia Commons, RNZ, University of Auckland

‘After the Virus’ is a six-part podcast and video series exploring how the Covid-19 pandemic will change the world in the long term. Guyon Espiner talks each time to a group of experts who explore the effect of the coronavirus on the economy, work, politics, and society round the globe.

In this episode, health is in the spotlight – especially the question of whether there will be a vaccine or we’ll have to learn to live with the virus

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About the participants

David Nabarro

David Nabarro is a medical doctor who has made his career in the international civil service, working the Secretary-General of the United Nations and the Director-General of the World Health Organization. Since February 2020 he has been a key figure in the WHO’s campaign to stop the COVID-19 pandemic.

Helen Clark

Helen Clark is a New Zealand politician who served as the 37th Prime Minister of New Zealand from 1999 to 2008, and was the Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme from 2009 to 2017. New Zealand's fifth-longest-serving prime minister, and the second woman to hold that office, she has remained active since leaving the UN in development and equality issues.

Prof. Papaarangi Reid

Prof. Reid is Tumuaki and Head of Department of Māori Health at the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, University of Auckland, New Zealand. She holds science and medical degrees from the University of Auckland and is a specialist in public health medicine. She has tribal affiliations to Te Rarawa in the Far North of Aotearoa and her research interests include analysing disparities between indigenous and non-indigenous citizens as a means of monitoring government commitment to indigenous rights.

Produced by Justin Gregory, Guyon Espiner, Claire Eastham-Farrelly, Tim Watkin and Veronica Schmidt.