5 Apr 2020

Kinley Salmon discusses the impact of robotics on work, at the 2020 NZ Arts Festival

From Smart Talk, 4:06 pm on 5 April 2020
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A Ping Pong Playing Robot at Tokyo International Robot Exhibition, Nov 2009

A Ping Pong Playing Robot at Tokyo International Robot Exhibition, Nov 2009 Photo: By Humanrobo CC BY-SA 3.0

Kinley Salmon, author of Jobs, Robots & Us, presents a view into the future of work in Aotearoa. The New Zealand economist, now based in the USA, details what AI and automation could do to our workplaces, education system, and domestic lives. Should we be worried or excited? And what can we do to build a positive future for work in New Zealand?

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Kinley Salmon

New Zealander Kinley Salmon was born and grew up in Nelson and now works as an economist in Washington D.C. He previously worked as a consultant at McKinsey and Company and has written for The Economist.

Kinley holds a Master's in Public Administration in International Development from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University as well as a Graduate Diploma in Economics and a BA in Social and Political Sciences from the University of Cambridge.

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This audio was recorded in partnership with the Writers programme at the 2020 New Zealand Festival of the Arts in Wellington. https://www.festival.nz/