Meeting the bands who perform the music of - and in many cases act the part of - their favourite musicians.

Whether they're playing the guitar solo from Pink Floyd's 'Shine On You Crazy Diamond, or belting out 'Ramble On' a la Led Zep, these musicians need the musical chops to pull it off, as well as the acting ability to suspend disbelief for a couple of hours. This is the mark of success which separates the really good ones from the many, many pub covers bands.

The stigma attached to tribute bands is beginning to lift as the business grows and baby boomers re-live their youth while bonding with their offspring over bands they will never see in the flesh.

Kirsten Johnstone meets some local tribute acts who are packing out venues on the back of other musician's catalogues, and asks: Is this a case of grown men playing dress-up's? Or are they dedicated dealers of the rock 'n' roll dream?