Julie Hill steps inside the loud, drunken and often atonal world of karaoke. Karaoke was introduced to the western world in the 90s. Now karaoke bars, with their vinyl-covered songbooks and loops of irrelevant video, are a staple of New Zealand life. Secret ambitions are fulfilled and limited talent is no object…

Music Details

'Rock Lobster', (Fred Schneider/Ricky Wilson), B52s, Wild Planet, Warner Bros
'Rock Me Amadeus', (Bollond, Ferdi), Falco, Falco 3, A&M
'Mustang Sally', (Sir Mack Rice), The Knights, On the Move, Collectables
'It’s My Party', (John Gluck Jr), Carroll Baker, Sweet Sensation, RCA
'These Boots Are Made For Walking', (Nancy Sinatra), Nancy Sinatra, Patches, Country Roads
'Cruisin’', (Smokey Robinson), Huey Louis and Gwyneth Paltrow, ‘Duets’ soundtrack,
'Let’s Dance', Donna Summer, Bad Girls, Casablanca
'Pretty Woman', (Bill Dees/ Roy Orbison), Roy Orbison, Solo lo Mejor de Roy Orbison, Music Brokers
'E Ipo', Prince Tui Teka, Maori Songs of New Zealand, Laserlight