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It's an all NZ show this week as we say goodbye to New Zealand Music Month

7 - 8

Al Hunter - There's a Blue Sky Waiting for Me
Peter Posa - Gonk
OMC - How Bizarre
Rusty Greaves - China Doll
The Keil Isles - Marie
Mother Goose - Baked Beans
Chapta - Say A Prayer
Gin Wigmore - Black Sheep
Ray Columbus - Till We Kissed
Anika Moa - Purea Nei
Topp Twins - Untouchable Girls
Tex Morton - The Black Sheep
Pat McMinn - Opo The Dolphin
Dennis O'Brien - Julia
Strawpeople - Taller Than God

8 - 9

Split Enz - Six Months In A Leaky Boat
Graham Brazier - Billy Bold
Graham Brazier - Friend
Max Merritt - Slipping Away
Don McGlashan - Lucky Stars
The Underdogs - Sitting In The Rain
Alan Galbraith - Cold South You
Sharon O'Neill - This Heart This Song
Sharon O'Neill - Maybe
Herbs - Homegrown
Herbs - E Papa
Ticket - Country High

9 - 10

Dave Dobbyn - One Proud Minute
Straitjacket Fits - If I Were You
Hot Club Sandwich - Televangelise Me
Sam Hunt, David Kilgour and The Heavy 8s  - Wavesong
The In-Betweeners - Make A Wish Amanda
The Rodger Fox Big Band - You Gotta Know
La De Da's - How Is The Air Up There
La De Da's - I Put A Spell On You
Windy City Strugglers - Snow On The Desert Road
Quincy Conserve - Ride The Rain
Quincy Conserve - Alright In The City
Linn Lorkin - The Beatles New Album
Corben Simpson - Running To The Sea
Muttonbirds - Dominion Road

10 - 11

Fred Dagg - Not A Bad Day For It
The Clean - Beatnik
Redeye - Who Said That
The L.E.D's - Rumba
Nathan Haines - Squire For Hire
The Chills - Silver Bullets
Lorde - Liability
Tami Neilson - Cigarette
Shapeshifter - Nga Kano
Breaks Co-Op - The Otherside
The Front Lawn - Tomorrow Night
The Front Lawn - How Are You Doing?

11 - Midnight

Netherworld Dancing Toys - For Today
Netherworld Dancing Toys - New Zealand Love Song
Shona Laing - Fear Of Falling
Spaces - Got Me At A Disadvantage
The Swingers - Counting The Beat
Murray Grindlay - Don't Look Back
The Body Electric - Dreaming In A Life
Link - Only Time Could Let Us Know
Human Instinct - You Really Got Me
Fat Freddy's Drop - The Raft
The Bats - Made Up In Blue