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Saturday Night Requests 23 October

7pm - 8pm

When Other Lips (The Bohemian Girl) - Heddle Nash [Balfe]

Land Of My Fathers - The North Wales Association Of Male Choirs [James/James]

If You Were The Only Girl In The World - Webster Booth & Anne Ziegler [Ayer/Grey]

Army And Marine - H.M Royal Marines [Zehle]

The Voice poem by Rupert Brooke

Love Letters In The Sand - Pat Boone [Kenny/Coots]

Caravan Song - Barbara Dickson [Batt]

Riders In The Sky (A Cowboy Legend) - Vaughn Monroe & His Orchestra [Jones]

Feudin' An' Fightin' - Kate Smith [Lane/Dubin]

Goodbye, Dolly Gray - Leo Stormont [Barnes]

Let's Have A Ball Pt.2 Medley (Last Train To San Fernando, Bring A Little Water Sylvie,Putting On The Style,Don't You Rock Me Daddy-O) - Winifred Atwell [Various]

I'm Yours - Don Cherry [Harburg/Green]

The Stone Outside Dan Murphy's Door - Foster & Allen [Traditional]

Dinner For One Please James - Nat King Cole [Carr]

Arrivederci Roma - James Last [Rascel/Garinei/Sigman/Giovannini/Ranicci]

8pm - 9pm

Prentre Le Dessin D'un Bijou (Lakme) - Anson Austin [Delibes]

St. George & the dragonet - Stan Freberg [Freberg/Butler/Schumann]

Trees - Luton Girls Choir [Rasbach/Kilmer]

Punchinello - Sellers Engineering Band [Rimmer]

The Great Pretender - The Platters [Ram]

A Star Falls From Heaven - Joseph Schmidt [May]

The Stable Lad - Phil Garland [Cape/Garland]

Beautiful Brown Eyes - Rosemary Clooney [Smith/Delmore]

One Alone (Desert Song) - Mario Lanza [Romberg/Harbach/


The White Rabbit - Peter Posa [Ivory/Rosling]

What A Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong [Thiele/Weiss]

March Of The Men Of Harlech - David Lloyd [Traditional]

9pm - 10pm

Old Shep - Tex Morton [Foley]

The Bandolero - Peter Dawson [Stuart]

Get Happy - Nat Shilkret & His Orchestra with Male Trio [Arlen/Koehler]

There's A Fellow Waiting In Ploughkeepsie - Bing Crosby & The Andrews Sisters [Arlen/Mercer]

My Heart Cries For You - Gene Autry & Jo Stafford with Carl Cotner Orchestra [Sigman/Faith]

Carmen - Spike Jones & His City Slickers [Bizet]

To Each His Own - The Ink Spots [Livingston/Evans]

Ta Pedia Tou Pirea (The Piraeus Lads) (Never On A Sunday) - Melina Merkouri [Hatzidakis]

Allegro: The Cuckoo & The Nightingale (Organ Concerto No.13) - Albert De Klerk (organ) with Amsterdam Chamber Orchestra/Andre Rieu [Handel]

10pm - 11pm

Adagio: Violin Concerto No.1 in G Minor - Takako Nishizaki with Slovak Symphony Orchestra/Stephen Gunzenhauser [Bruch]

Linden Lea - Heddle Nash (tenor) with Gerald Moore (piano) [Williams]

Serenade - Heddle Nash (tenor) with Gerald Moore (piano) [Strauss]

Silent Noon - Heddle Nash (tenor) with Gerald Moore (piano) [Williams]

The Fol-de-Rols - Various artists with orchestra [Newman]

Nocturne in F Sharp Major - Jorge Bolet (piano) [Chopin]

La Calunnia - Jose Mardones (bass) with orchestra (Barber of Seville) [Rossini]

Possenti Numi - Jose Mardones (bass) with orchestra (O Isis und Osiris) (Magic Flute) [Mozart]

Bel Raggio Lusinghier (Semiramide) - Joan Sutherland (soprano) with orchestra & chorus of R.O.H. Covent Garden [Rossini]