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Saturday Night Requests for May 30th

9pm - 10pm

You're The Best Thing - The Style Council [Weller]

Trio: The Flocks Shall Leave The Mountains (Galatea, Acis, Polyphemus) - Dunedin Consort & Players, Susan Hamilton (Galatea) Nicholas Mulroy (Acis) Matthew Brook (Polyphemus) [Handel]

Daybreak -Barry Wood & The Hit Paraders

Lili Marlene -Geraldo & His Orchestra Sally Douglas (vocals) & Ensemble [Schultze/Connor]

The Bayou Lullaby - Mario Lanza With Orchestra/Ray Sinatra [Brodsky/Cahn]

The Wedding Is On Saturday - Joyce Grenfell [Grenfell]

Can The Circle Be Unbroken (Bye & Bye) - The Carter Family [Haberson/Gabriel]

My Beloved's Two Blue Eyes From Song Of A Wayfarer - Yvonne Minton (Mezzo- Soprano) Chicago Symphony Orchestra/Sir George Solti [Mahler]

Heart From Damn Yankees - Russ Brown, Jimmie Komack,Nathaniel Frey,Albert Linville [Adler/Ross]

Pomp And Circumstance March No. 1 In D (Live At The Albert Hall) - Royal Philharmonic Orchestra/Michael Reed With The London Choral Society [Elgar]

10pm - 11pm

Symphonic Dance 1 Op.64 - Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra/Paavo Berglund [Greig]

Broadway Melody - Jack Hylton & His Orchestra [Freed/Brown]

Happy Feet - Jack Hylton & His Orchestra [Yellen/Ager]

When The Day Is Done - Jack Hylton & His Orchestra [De Sylva/Klages]

Up The Workers - Steptoe & Son [Simpson/Galton]

Impomptu In G Flat Op 51 - Murray Perahia (Piano) [Chopin]

Depuis Le Jour - Angela Gheorghiu [Louise/Charpentier]

Au Mont Ida - Roberto Alagna [La Belle Helene/Offenbach]

Suzel Buon Di - Angela Gheorghiu & Roberto Alagna with ROH ORCHESTRA CG [L'amico Fritz/ Mascagni