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Saturday Night Requests for November 22nd
with Peter Fry

7pm - 8pm

True Love - Bing Crosby [Porter]

Good Morning (How Are You) - The Moir Sisters [Moir Sisters]

An Attic For Two - Vivian Tierney, Harry Nicoll [Gilbert/Sullivan]

Beautiful Ohio - Glenn Miller [Earl/MacDonald]

I Know Him So Well - Elaine Paige & Barbara Dickson [Andersson/Ulvaeus]

Forty Fahsend Fevvers On A Frush - Billy Cotton

Rock Of Ages - Narvel Felts

I Am A Courtier Grave & Serious - The Cast [Gilbert & Sullivan]

Ain't Misbehavin' - Nat King Cole [Brooks/Razaf/Wallen]

Golf - Al Read

I Could Have Danced All Night - Julie Andrews, Philippa Bevans [Lerner/Loewe]

Pearly Shells - Melenau Lynne & Bill Sevesi

The Breeze & I - Caterina Valente [Luacona]

Con Moto E Sempre Senza Parodia - Grimethorpe Colliery Band [Arnold]

8pm - 9pm

The Saturday Whimsy: The Little Fir Tree - Archie Andrews and Peter Brough

If You Were The Only Girl In The World - Anne Ziegler & Webster Booth [Greg/Ayer]

The Winner Takes All - Abba [Andersson/Ulvaeus]

Paekakariki - When the Cat's Been Sprayed [Avery]

Sid Field Plays Golf - Sid Field & Jerry Desmond

Soldiers Of The Queen - Edward Woodward [Stuart]

Granada - Jose Carreras [Lara]

Vincent - Don McLean [McLean]

Vitality - Cecily Courtneidge [Novello]

Arrival Of The Queen Of Sheba - Martin Setchell [Handel]

9pm - 10pm

Da Tutti Abbandonata - Joan Sutherland & Luciano Pavarotti [Donizetti]

The Old Chisolm Trail - Tex Ritter [Trad]

Blue Skies - Denza Dance Band with vocal chorus [Berlin]

If I Lost You - David Whitfield, tenor, with Roland Shaw Orchestra

Autumn Concerto - Billy Vaughn Orchestra [Siegel/Borgoni]

Laughter & Lemons - Charles Penrose [Grey]

It Is Marvellous & Wonderful - Christchurch Festival Male Voice Choir [Morris]

He Becomes The Lone Ranger - Unknown [Trendle]

Deep In My Heart Dear - Mario Lanza [Romberg/Donelly]

Sippin' Cider - Nina & Frederik [Trad]

Buttons & Bows - Dinah Shore [Livingston/Evans]

Caddie - Peter Savidge, baritone [Schartau]

Spring Song - Penelope Lynex, cello; Alexander Wells, piano [Bridge]