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Saturday Night Requests for October 25th
with Peter Fry

7pm - 8pm

The Heavens Are Telling - Monteverdi Choir, English Baroque Soloists/John Eliot Gardiner [Haydn]

Nobody Loves A Fairy When She's Forty - Tessie O'Shea [Le Clerq]

She Was Poor But She Was Honest - Billy Bennett [Trad]

Invercargill March - Band of the Royal Regiment of NZ Artillery [Lithgow]

Invercargill - Wayne Gillespie [Gillespie]

Videns Rome Vir Beatus - Schola Gregoriana of Cambridge

Have I Told You Lately - Van Morrison [Van Morrison]

My Giggling Typist - Charles Jolly & Kaye Connor (Charles Penrose & Joy Day) [Grey]

Cool Water - Vaughn Monroe & Sons of the Pioneers [Nolan]

The Night Miss Nancy Ann's Hotel For Single Girls Burnt Down - Tex Williams [Feller]

A Fool Such As I - Elvis [Trader]

Old Macdonald - Progress Valley Possum Pickers [Trad]

Reverie - Zamfir [Schumann]

8pm - 9pm

The Saturday Whimsy: The Weather Forecast; The Highway Code - The Mastersingers

Venus - The Feelers [Reid]

Bonnie Mary Of Argyle - Campbell Nicol

La Golondrina - George Melachrino Orchestra [Serrandell]

Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree - Andrews Sisters [Brown/Stept/Tobias]

Hospital Food - Victoria Wood

Peter Gunn - Henry Mancini [Mancini]

Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen [Cohen]

Look What Happened To Mabel - Bernadette Peters [Herman]

Tom Tom Turnaround - New World [Brown/Jones/Jones]

Little Bo Peep - Spike Jones [De Vol/Brown]

Fanfare For The Common Man - London Symphony Orchestra [Copland]

9pm - 10pm

Design For Living - Flanders & Swann [Flanders/Swann]

A Star Fell From Heaven - Joseph Schmidt [May]

Kiss Me Goodnight Sergeant - Major Ambrose & his orchestra. Vocals: Les
Carew [Noel/Pelosi]

I Never Knew - Errol Garner (piano) Shadow Wilson (drums) & John Simmons
(bass) [Pitts/Egan/Marsh]

Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year - Deanna Durbin with Edgar Fairchild Orchestra [Loesser]

Sympathy - Richard Tauber [Friml/Harbach/Kahn]

After Dinner Speech - Humphrey Tilling

God Bless America - Kate Smith

Isa Lei - Lau Choir, Suva

The Court Of King Caratacus - Rolf Harris [Trad/ Harris]

Meditation - Albert Sandler [Massenet]

10pm - 11pm

Destiny Waltz - New London Orchestra/Ronald Corp [Baines]

The Dicky Bird & The Owl - Benjamin Luxon (baritone) & Robert Tear (tenor)
with Andre Previn (piano) [Sinclair/Sullivan]

Cigarette - Benjamin Luxon (baritone) & Robert Tear (tenor) with Andre Previn (piano) [Haines/Taylor]

The Gendarmes from Brabant - Benjamin Luxon (baritone) & Robert Tear (tenor) with Andre Previn (piano) [Offenbach]

Yorkshire Pudding - Stanley Holloway [Weston/Lee]

La Capricieuse - Sarah Chang (violin) with Sarah Rivers (piano) [Elgar]

Printemps Qui Commence From S & D - Conchits Supervia (M/soprano) with orchestra [Saint-Saens]

Prologue From I Pagliacci - Ettore Bastianini (bass) with NDR Orch/Wilhelm Schuchter[Leoncavallo]

Eri Tu From A Masked Ball - Ettore Bastianini (bass) with NDR Orch/Wilhelm Schuchter [Verdi]