Saturday Morning guests for 2 February 2008

Live from Kiwi Foo Camp 2008, Warkworth

Also know as Baa Camp, this is the second annual "unconference" hosted by Nat Torkington, modelled on the USA FOO Camps of Tim O'Reilly. It's an invite-only weekend of free-form talks involving interesting technologists and scientists, the business people who work with them, and other interested and interesting people. In the spirit of the event, some guests have still to be confirmed, and the following schedule will be subject to amendment.

8:12 Nat Torkington

Nathan Torkington Nathan Torkington consults in the Asia-Pacific region for O'Reilly Media. He ran the first web server in New Zealand, and co-wrote the best-selling Perl Cookbook (O'Reilly ISBN 0-596-00313-7) with Tom Christiansen. He also runs computer courses at his local primary school. He is the main organiser of Kiwi FOO Camp 2008 (or Baa Camp).

8:30 Ian Wright

Raised in rural New Zealand, Ian Wright is now based in Silicon Valley. His company, Wrightspeed Inc., is developing "cleantech supercars" with very advanced electric drive systems. Their Wrightspeed X1 prototype electric sports car is the second fastest car in the world.

9:05 Liz Calder, founder of Bloomsbury Publishing

Elisabeth Nicole Calder founded Bloomsbury Publishing in 1986 with Nigel Newton. The independent, London-based publishing house has published four Booker Prize-winning novels, and achieved great success with the Harry Potter series. Last year they published the Bloomsbury 21, a limited edition series of 21 novels celebrating their 21st anniversary. Also discussed in the interview are Salman Rushdie's first novel, Grimus (Gollancz, 1975), and Midnight's Children (Jonathan Cape, 1981), Flaubert's Parrot by Julian Barnes (Jonathan Cape, 1984), and the recently published biography Leonard Woolf: A Life by Victoria Glendinning (Simon & Schuster, ISBN 0743220307).

9:45 Hugh Gladwell

Hugh Gladwell is a Warkworth lawyer who lives at Ti Point. He is a trustee of the Jane Gifford Restoration Trust, which is involved in the restoration of the Jane Gifford, one of the last of around 130 sailing scows that used to service the region.

10:05 Andy Linton and Richard Naylor

Often described as "visionary", Richard Naylor was an early proponent of broadband infrastructure. He started the high-speed CityLink fibre network as a Wellington City Council project, then helped found it as a company. Richard runs internet media services company R2.

Andy Linton is a long-time Internet builder, who now works for CityLink. His other interests include Irish culture and music, and he plays in the band Ballyscully.

10:30 Adam Hyde

Adam Hyde is a social entrepreneur and educator who develops collaborative community projects. Based in the Netherlands, he is the founder of the Floss Manuals Foundation, which provides free manuals on how to use free open-source software. Other recent projects include Radio Astronomy, in which sounds intercepted from space are broadcast on the internet and airwaves. He is the keynote speaker at the Aotearoa Digital Arts Network symposium in Christchurch on 23 February.

11:05 Food with Dorothy Anderson

Dorothy Anderson has been involved for a number of years in the slow town movement, and the farmers' market in Matakana.
Recipe: Herbed Mayonnaise

11:25 David ten Have and Philip J Lindsay

David ten Have is the founder of Ponoko, a company that lets users to design, manufacture and sell their own creations using skills materials and know-how from all over the world. Philip Lindsay is a Ponoko user, and has various projects online at RancidBacon.

11:45 Regan and Rachel Cunliffe

Regan and Rachel Cunliffe started discussing New Zealand TV online with Idolblog. They are the creators of Throng Media, a network of TV community websites launched in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and the U.K, enabling TV listings, news, rants and raves.

FOO Camp engineer: Andrew Dalziel

Wellington engineer: Lianne Smith

Music details for Saturday Morning

The Pipi Pickers: Anna (aka the Saturday Morning Theme)
Live at FOO Camp 2008, Warkworth

Andy Linton: Ordinary Man
Live at FOO Camp 2008, Warkworth

The Pipi Pickers: Mahurangi State of Mind
Live at FOO Camp 2008, Warkworth

Lawrence Arabia: The Beautiful Young Crew
Pre-release track from his new album (anticipated release date: August 2008)


The Pipi Pickers Band

Garry, Barry, Nathan of the band

Jenine of the band

The Pipi Pickers are Nathan Torkington (banjo), Barry Torkington (guitar), Garry Bigwood (guitar), Jenine Abarbanel (double bass)

Andrew the Engineer

Engineer Andrew Dalziel