7 Jun 2021

The Little Book of Sleep with Dr Sarb Johal

From Karyn Hay Presents: Queen's Birthday, 10:21 am on 7 June 2021

In clinical psychologist Dr Sarb Johal's recently published Little Book of Sleep he went through the biggest search engines in the world: Google, You Tube and Amazon and compiled a list of the most popular questions people were asking about sleep in April 2021 and then he answered them. "How important is sleep?" How can I sleep better?" How can I sleep better after drinking alcohol?" and answers them all. It's the first in a series of three books: the next two are expected to be on burnout and selfcare and climate anxiety.

The Little Book of Sleep - Dr Sarb Johal

The Little Book of Sleep - Dr Sarb Johal Photo: Dr Sarb Johal