7 Jun 2021

Moriori and the national history curriculum

From Karyn Hay Presents: Queen's Birthday, 9:30 am on 7 June 2021

From next year New Zealand history will become part of the core curriculum for primary and secondary schools including kura will also be encouraged to teach local histories
The draft content was tested in a small number of schools in term 4 last year, and this year the ministry sought input from all schools and the public. The public consultation closed on May 31st. Moriori from Rekohu/Chatham Islands are worried that their story may be ignored. The Hokotehi Moriori Trust say the historical record needs to be corrected in schools; Moriori are not Māori, they are the indigenous people of Rekohu Chatham Islands with their own language, customs, and traditions, with a 600-year history of peace-keeping that is probably unparalleled anywhere in the world. Kiwa Hammond descends from early Moriori, is an author and former lecturer in Maori studies at Victoria University, and is leading the re-emergence of "ta re Moriori" the Moriori language.