7 Jun 2021

What constitutes 'processed food'?

From Karyn Hay Presents: Queen's Birthday, 8:30 am on 7 June 2021

If you pride yourself on eating wholefoods, or food that's labelled natural or artisan, the idea of processed food can be anathema. You may even be less than enthusiastic over freeze-dried or rehydrated or even tinned food. Is there an international standard for the definition of processed food and should there be? Professor Monique Raats is Director of the UK's Food, Consumer Behaviour and Health Research Centre and a professor at the University of Surrey. She specialises in public health and behavioural nutrition research and has led many projects in nutrition labelling, maternal and child behavioural nutrition, the behavioural nutrition of older people.

Professor Monique Raats

Professor Monique Raats Photo: University of Surrey