How not to start an orphanage: Tara Winkler

From Karyn Hay Presents: Queen's Birthday, 8:10 am on 6 June 2016

In her early 20s, Australian Tara Winkler became responsible for 14 children when she rescued them from an abusive Cambodian orphanage. Less than a decade later, Tara is a firm believer in children being supported to stay with their families rather than being institutionalised. She set up the Cambodian Children's Trust to provide children with emotional security and the opportunities they need to break the cycle of poverty - including education - and has helped hundreds of children to live better lives. In 2011 Tara was awarded NSW Young Australian of the Year in recognition of her work with CCT, and her first book, How (Not) to Start an Orphanage, is published by Allen & Unwin.