1 Jun 2015

Pasta, Prayer and Promise

From Karyn Hay Presents: Queen's Birthday, 10:30 am on 1 June 2015

Pasta Prayer and PromiseWhat started as a project to document the history of Italians growing tomatoes in Nelson, turned into a rich tapestry of stories documenting the tales of Italian families from around the region.

Karen Price and Karen Stade launched Pasta, Prayer and Promise: The story of Nelson's Italian Community 1860-2014  last month. In it, they delve deep into Nelson's Little Italy – also known as The Wood – after spending countless hours scouring through documents and listening to stories... and of course partaking in the consumption of Italian food.

In the last few years Nelson has embraced its Italian heritage, but as the Karens discovered, Italians have been around a lot longer than many suspected.