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Keith Richardson talks to members of the British Pathfinder squadron whose job was to highlight enemy targets for following bomber crews in the 1940s.

Over the past few years, Keith Richardson has made a series of military documentaries looking at different stories from the armed conflicts in which New Zealand was involved last century. Pathfinders - Lighting The Way, is the latest of these.

Keith travelled the country to record - often in difficult conditions, the New Zealand survivors of the second World War Pathfinders Force, the elite group in RAF Bomber Command, whose job it was to locate and mark the targets for the bomber crews. Until the Pathfinders were initiated, the bombing success rate was very low. The Pathfinders Force navigated the territory and sent down flares to indicate targets to the bombers. This programme features New Zealand survivors of the Second World War Pathfinders Force, supplemented by dramatic sequences performed by the boys of the Drama faculty at Wanganui High School.

Produced and presented by Keith Richardson and engineered by David Lindsay.