8 Sep 2016

Beatrice Hill Tinsley Medal

From Our Changing World, 9:20 pm on 8 September 2016

The new name for the New Zealand Association of Scientists Research Medal is the Beatrice Hill Tinsley Medal. It is the first science award in New Zealand named after a woman scientist.

Beatrice Hill Tinsley

The Beatrice Hill Tinsley Medal has been named after the famous New Zealand-educated cosmologist. Photo: SUPPLIED

Beatrice Tinsley Hill was a gifted cosmologist working at Yale University until her early death from melanoma.

As a married woman in the 1960s she was not allowed to work in science, and she ended up leaving her husband and children so she could pursue her passion for physics.

The RNZ Concert series The Stars are Comforting features Beatrice's writing about her life and work.

Songs for Beatrice is a collection of songs to honour the New Zealand astronomer, composed by Ross Harris with words by Vincent O'Sullivan.

In 2016, a Google Doodle was made to mark what would have been Beatrice's 75th birthday.

Jean Fleming, whose father Sir Charles Fleming was the first recipient of the Research Medal, talks about Beatrice Hill Tinsley.