4 Jan 2016

A possum-free Otago Peninsula

From Our Changing World, 9:45 pm on 4 January 2016

Guy Frederick is a science communication student at the University of Otago, and in this podcast he’s finding out about the work of the Otago Peninsula Biodiversity Group to remove possums from the peninsula. He catches up with the group’s project manager Cathy Rufaut, operation’s manager Bruce Kyle and Tomahawk resident Anna Hughes.

Setting a Timm's possum trap

Possum contractor Bruce Kyle shows Tomahawk resident Anna Hughes how to set a Timms possum trap, which is the method used to catch possums in residential areas on the Otago Peninsula Photo: Guy Frederick

We featured the work of the group on Our Changing World in 2014.

Tomahawk Lagoon on left and Tomahawk Beach on right of photo

View across Tomahawk Beach on the southern end of the Otago Peninsula Photo: Guy Frederick