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New research shows that New Caledonian crows are able to spontaneously solve a complicated problem involving the use of multiple tools to acquire food placed out of reach. Researcher Russell Gray of the University of Auckland explains how his team sees this as proof of the birds' ability to reason by analogy, providing further evidence of advanced cognitive skills in animals other than primates.

Watch videos of the crows involved in the study.

Did New Zealand drown in the ocean after breaking off from Gondwana? In a challenge to the "Moa's Ark" theory - that New Zealand preserved a precious cargo of unique flora and fauna when it drifted away from the supercontinent - GNS geologist Hamish Campbell and Massey University molecular biologist Steve Trewick put forward evidence that the landmass was completely submerged beneath the sea until around 23 million years ago.


For Conservation Week, we trade in some backyard nasties for New Zealand natives at a weed swap and visit a sculptural exhibition at TheNewDowse gallery in Lower Hutt about that most notorious of weeds: gorse.


Louise Wallace presents the second part of her report from the 2007 Pacific Health Forum, held in Auckland recently. Funded by the Health Research Council, the two-day conference covered a wide range of issues related to Pacific Island health concerns.