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Mosasaurs are large, carnivorous marine reptiles that went extinct at the same time as the dinosaurs. Michael Caldwell is a paleontologist and mosasaur expert from the University of Alberta in Canada. He has visited sites around the world examining mosasaur fossils, and has found that New Zealand mosasaurs were much more wide-ranging than previously thought.


Dacia Herbulock gets a tour of one of the newest "green" buildings in central Wellington, the Department of Conservation House. Its design incorporates sustainably-sourced materials, self-regulating office lights, circulation of outdoor air, rainwater collection, water-cooled steel beams, and a rooftop garden complete with mini-wind turbine.

As China re-evaluates a domestic ban on trade in tiger parts, Veronika Meduna discusses tiger conservation with Massey University lecturer Brendan Moyle, who is advising China on how to stem illegal traffic of tiger parts, Chris Howe of WWF New Zealand, and practitioner of traditional Chinese herbal medicine, Henry Su.


Louise Wallace speaks with gynaecological oncologist Ai Ling Tan about a new, more accurate pap smear for cervical cancer screening.

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