There are only just over three thousand black rhinoceros alive in the wild in southern and east Africa, and 250 in captivity around the world. Dean Williams talks to Wayne Linklater, a conservation biologist at Victoria University, who is leading an international project that could save black rhinos from extinction.

Veronika Meduna meets Raymond Pierrehumbert, a geophysicist and mathematician at the University of Chicago who is visiting New Zealand to work on climate models with a group of Victoria University glaciologists. He discusses scientific models - or toy universes in his description - and how they help predict how our planet will behave, as well as allowing us to study the climate history of other planets around us.


Wren Green has recently reviewed New Zealand's Biodiversity Strategy and he discusses its successes and failures, and whether it is making a difference.


Viral infections usually hit fast, partly because viruses avoid detection by our immune system as they jump from cell to cell. Exactly how this happens has yet to be established, but Alexander McLellan, an immunologist at the University of Otago, has shown that the widely held Trojan Horse theory of viral transmission is wrong.