This week, One in Five reveals a grim picture of the health of New Zealanders living with an intellectual disability.

Every four years at the Special Olympics National Summer Games, athletes are tested by clinicians across a range of health areas including vision, hearing, podiatry and oral health. This year the organisation analysed that data to provide one of the first comprehensive health reviews of this group.

It says the Athlete Health Overview shows nine out of ten athletes failed one of the eye screening tests while serious, untreated ear conditions were also found. It also says eight out of ten athletes had a bio-mechanical abnormality in their feet and legs while one in five was wearing the wrong shoe size. The Chief Executive of Special Olympics New Zealand, Kathy Gibson, says the results paint a grim picture of the athletes' health and she hopes the report will influence change.

Katy Gosset reports from the screening programme at the National Summer Games in Dunedin.

Sue Kysow; Eye tests fpr the Healthy Athlete Screening Programme
Left - Sue Kysow, National Events Manager for Special Olympics New Zealand; right - an eye test for the Healthy Athlete Screening Programme