Mary Inomata of GRANZGRANZ
The Grandparents of children with autism are mobilising. GRANZ has just been launched and is looking for new members. It aims to be an advocacy and support group  and seeks to make life better for the parents of children with autism and for the children themselves.

Right: Mary Inomata of GRANZ

Cola Larcombe Unique Agency DirectorUnique Extras
Unique Extras is New Zealand’s only  talent agency devoted to getting people with a disability and those who consider themselves unique, on screen.  One in five people are disabled yet people with disabilities are rarely seen in movies, on TV and in advertisements. Unique Extras wants to change that and, in so doing,  improve attitudes and behaviours towards people with disabilities.

Left: Cola Larcombe, Unique Agency director.

Philip Patston in As Love Draws Near music video