Blue Messiah by Peter FindlayThe Blue Messiah

Peter Finlay tells his story of life lived on the edge and his journey from Lake Alice Hospital to care in the community in his recently published book, The Blue Messiah. Mike Gourley talks to Peter, in One In Five.

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Mike Gourley interviews Peter FinlayMike Gourley interviewing author Peter Finlay

Mike also meets up with Judy Small who convenes the Office for Disability Issues Nominations Service. That's for people who're of a mind to serve their community, and happen to have an experience of disability. The more the merrier says Judy. And with DHB elections up for grabs this year there's a raft of appointments in the offing.

And tonight's hot topic? Nowadays, people with intellectual impairments or learning disability are living longer. That's good news according to Carol Walker, who's a professor of social policy at Lincoln University in the UK. But Carol Walker says the fact that intellectually disabled people reaching old age means that services have been left unprepared…